My concept for my final images was to make something disgusting into something aesthetically pleasing to look at. I chose a subject matter which is very unpleasing to look at in its full glory; very graphic, however have cut it up into such intricate pieces that the subject matter is no longer visible and you are just left with an array of beautiful colours with are visually appealing to look at. Each final piece is inspired by my doodles and drawings & is also made up of appropriated images from various sources. 

image (1) image (2) 


Shown Above these images are my final pieces. I chose to go for little square images. I chose to go small because I want all the detail to be seen and want it all to be within a small framing, so the viewer sees it all in one go. – I chose to do three images because I wanted a series but not one that takes away from the simplicity of the work.  Each of the final pieces are slightly different, one has big flower, ones based around lines and the other one more dots purely because I didn’t want them all looking exactly the same – as my doodles aren’t. 

image (3)

As a series on show in a Gallery I would frame each of the images in a frame of a simple colour and small width. Possibly black/white. The frame however would be one in which the glass is risen off the piece of work, making sure people have to go up close to see the image and all its detail.  I would keep the square shapes of the series and the size I reckon as well.

– Artists such as Thomas Ruff & Terry Richardson had an impact on my final outcome –

Overall I believe I have successfully achieved showing my concept within the work and I believe that using the material of magazines and collage works really well within the series. I like the way its made up of appropriated images and have incorporated the feeling of cubism and abstract art into my work. I feel like I have successfully found a line between hardcore pornography and art, and played around with sitting within the boundaries between the two.  I feel that I have successfully made ‘Hardcore Pornography’ into something aesthetically pleasing to view! –


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