Ok so…  I now know that my concept for my project is to make something that someone wouldn’t take two looks at; something disgusting into something that is aesthetically pleasing . I have been looking into what sort of subject matter I could use and I came up with the following ;-

  • Boring industrial like pictures structures/buildings
  • Hardcore Pornography pictures – Graphic/ dirty filth
  • Everyday magazines perhaps?

The dirtiest and most disgusting thing out of these ideas for me is the Hardcore Pornography idea. Its something that no one wants to see in public and in itself is really graphic and unpleasant to look at. I’m thinking in the sense of colours as well (referring back to Edmund’s quotes) that the colours of flesh are very beautiful colours, The pinks/peaches/reds/browns etc are all beautiful colours however the graphic of the pictures takes that away from them. My concept is too make the beauty of these colours show through but also to make pornography into something aesthetically pleasing to look at using my doodles/drawings as inspiration.

Now I know that this is my idea I have been playing around with the concept and collage and made a few samples. Using the shapes that I draw, I have cut them out using a carving knife very intricately and carefully to make it look as much like the drawing as I possibly can. Trying to disguise the hardcore part of the image and just show the colour is hard, every little piece of the collage has to be cut so delicately and small to fit together.

Shown below are the images of my samples, I like the idea of the shapes being the same as the drawing and I can see how as long as I think along the ideas of keeping it decorative then it will show my concept.

I have to think about framing & shapes for my project if going to make it into my FMP. But as this is only a six week project I’ve decided smaller images will look better, but if it was to be used for my FMP then I would use sleek black/white framing in which the piece doesn’t touch the glass. I like the idea of having them small in size because of time span it takes to make them and I am limited for time on my 6 week project, but also because I want the viewer to have to look closely at the image and try and figure out what the concept of the pieces are.





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