For the introduction to my third year we were all set a short project for 6 weeks to complete.

After my tutorial and a discussion with my tutor I finally came up with an idea. I decided to develop my idea around my doodles and use them as inspiration for my final outcome. I always thought being on a photography course that my ideas all had to be photographs or videos, however I don’t have to do what I think is ‘right’ but what inspires me. This for me is my drawing, my doodles. A natural talent in which I never knew I could use.

For this project I knew I had to look into not just drawing but the aesthetics and traditional painting, anything from still life to artists like Picasso. Also told to look into the artist Edmund Burke and read his book ‘A Philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful’ which I have now purchased!

If I am to make a doodle inspired piece I have to think how I would make it, for Example; Collage/Photo shopped. I also have to think about materials in which I will use.

Also look into Romanticism as an Art Movement & Literacy/Poetry all made to be beautiful – based on me looking into the idea of making something aesthetically pleasing to look at.


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