Above; -“You cant get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – CS Lewis.
‘Well baby your already in that cage. You built it yourself’
“Alice jumped through the looking glass, to find there was nothing on the other side.”

All of the above photos were sourced from a Facebook page from the artist Alexandra Wysocki, i stumbled across whilst researching less known photographers, i decided to check out her website as well. It has some unique photography on it, her work is very mysterious and quirky which is what caught my eye. The images are all completely different although they have all been manipulated in one way or another. My favorite has to be the girl climbing out the mirror, its linked to an Alice in wonderland quote. It makes you think of ways you can make a photo to suit any quote perhaps? I like the idea of creating fairy-tale quotes however its been done so many times before especially Alice in Wonderand.

Picking up on the idea of the mirror though. – Opposites perhaps? / Two different sides? / Whats on the other side of the mirror / parallel world / time in reverse? Just a few ideas spawned from looking at these images.


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