One of my recommended books to read for this project was ‘Edmund Burke  – A Philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful’. Whilst reading through this text I came across a few inspiring quotes in which I shall refer to whilst creating my final collages.

An air of robustness and strength is very prejudicial to Beauty. An appearance of delicacy, and even of fragility is almost essential to it

First, the colours of beautiful bodies must not be dusky or muddy, but clean and fair. Secondly, they must not be of the strongest kind. Those who seem most appropriated to beauty, are the milder of every sort; light greens; soft blues; weak whites; pink reds; and violets. Thirdly, if the colours be strong and vivid they are always diversified, and the object is never of one strong colour; there are almost always such a number of them, the strength and glare of each is considerably more abated.

On the whole, the qualities of beauty, as they are merely sensible qualities are the following; To be comparatively small. Secondly to be smooth. Thirdly to have direction of the parts. Fourthly to have those parts not angular but to have them as if they melt into each other. Fiftly to be of a delicate frame. Sixthly to have its colours bright and clear, not glaring or very strong. Seventhly, if it has glaring colour then for it to be diversified with other colours. These are, I believe, the properties on which beauty depends.

(A Philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime & Beautiful – Edmund Burke – Pages 150 – 151)

These quotes from the book show what Beauty is meant to look like in the opinion of Edmund Burke. Everyone has their own opinion but in this case I am going to agree with some of what has been quoted above and use it to inspire the outcome of my final piece and make it aesthetically beautiful. With the colours I’m going to use I will try and incorporate the idea of what colours are beautiful and which are not.


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