I went to visit Emma Harts exhibition in London because it looked visually unusual and a rare find ’Dirty Looks’ is filled with tongues. Sounds random i know right? But the tongue is symbolic to the artist as it is both an internal and external body part, reflecting the artists ongoing interest with the boundaries between private and public.

The tongues are all ceramic and are made from glazed, fired and painted clay. She had never used clay previous to this project so it was a new material to work with. However the use of clay was purposeful, the tongues materially conjure the sense of embarrassment of the everyday which is what Hart is addressing. The tongues in the work also come across as comical in a way i believe, they are shiny, lumpy, snake like creatures purposely inserting themselves into and asserting themselves out of the objects in the room as if screaming to the viewer – ‘EAT ME’ – ‘TALK TO ME’ 

Personally i found the exhibition extremely unusual, definitely worth seeing! it was visually stimulating to look at and pay attention to each and every detail. I liked the use of the monitors and sound built into the installation, it added to the effectiveness of the piece, blurring the boundaries between the public and private again.


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