– At the Photographers Gallery, London.

Mass Observation: This is Your Photo offers an examination of the role of photography in the Mass Observation Archive. Mass Observation was founded in 1937 as a radical experiment in social science, art and documentary. Its founders aimed to create a new kind of realism in response to the economic and political conditions leading up to World War II, aiming to create an ‘anthropology of ourselves’ through artistic means and by collecting anecdotal evidence from people’s everyday lives and experiences.

Mass Observations photograph - John Hinde, From 'British Circus Life', 1948, © National Media MuseuMass Observations photograph - John Hinde, from 'Exmoor Village', 1947, © National Media Museum

Humphrey Spender portrait of Tom Harrison feigning fear during the Blitz, circa 1941 © Bolton Coun

The exhibition explored various documents and images from many different artists. In the Gallery there were cabinet containing memorabilia, notes, blue-notes, really old art work, iconic work etc. It was a hard exhibition to take in with so much going on, however extremely varied in things to look at, i liked the cabinets containing all the tiny bits, it reminded me of a cabinet an older person would have in their front room containing old memories in a way. I could imagine creating an installation of something similar. 


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