At the Tate Modern – London

This exhibition is consisted of the following artists; –

Lawrence Abu HamdanN / ikolaj Bendix / Skyum Larsen / Caroline Bergvall / Armar Kanwar / Anjali Monteiro & KP / Pallavi Paul / Mithu Sen

It was part of an ongoing project called ‘Project Space’

‘From a single utterance, to the pronunciation of a name and the declaration of an idea, the voice is a tool through which we assert our presence in the world. The use of the voice as a means of protest and as a metaphor for self-representation is central to this exhibition. By bringing together the work of Lawrence AbuHamdanCaroline BergvallAmar KanwarNikolaj Bendix Skyum LarsenAnjali Monteiro and K.P. Jayasankar, Pallavi Paul and Mithu Sen – including audio documentary, video, performance, text and sound – this exhibition takes a moment to listen to the harmony and dissonance of voices rising. ‘

Source; http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/project-space-word-sound-power

My favorite part of the exhibition had to be the poem on the wall which highlighted out the letter ‘O’. Created by Caroline Bergvall and called ‘Crop’ this piece stuck out the most for me. Looking into sound and pronunciation by taking out one of the vowels it was meant to be hard to read by the viewer which it was a challenge as i tried myself! Shows the importance of the letter in words, lets us appreciate the little things i believe. Its a simple yet really effective piece of work i think, the added color made it more visually pleasing to look at as well.

Overall i think the exhibition was quite hard to take in, took a while to understand all the work involved, however i found interacting with the works made it made it more enjoyable to be there which is a plus. The set up of the exhibition was good, set up so the viewer can walk around easily and all works separated. I liked the variety and separate meanings all the works had, but how they all linked back to the three words, WORD, SOUND & POWER.


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