Mark-Neville-l-Deeds-Not-Wo (1)

I went to visit Mark Neville’s exhibition in London at The Photographers Gallery because it looked like an interesting exhibition and I’ve never seen his work prier. ‘Deeds Not Words’ is an experimental documentary project based in Northamptonshire. For 18 months Mark photographed the town of Corby and its residents, local people, the culture & the effects of environmental pollution that led to several babies being born with birth defects. I believe after seeing the work that the photos represent the community as a whole and not just the families that are at the centre of the case.The final photos pick up on a bit of everything from the third and fourth generations to the local beauty contests and nightclub ‘beauties’. It shows a story of the community’s growth and decline, regeneration and solidarity.

My favourite image in the show had to be ‘Ben bursting a balloon’ which is shown above. There is two images too this one with the full balloon and one with the balloon burst. It shows local child Ben Vissian who was born with two fingers missing due to a birth defect from the local pollution. This is one of the photos in the piece that truly shows the seriousness of everyday environmental problems. The photo is a strong one in itself without even knowing the meaning behind it.

Overall i really liked the exhibition, again it was well worth going to see! The contrast between the colour and black images within the works meant your eyes never stopped looking at one picture or another, which is good! The gallery layout was in a wide white room showing the photos in all their glory within the white frames, Very elegantly done id say. It really showed me how my work needs to be showcased to see its full potential in the future.


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