I went to visit Nigel Grimmer’s private view this summer, The exhibition was held in Shoreditch in London at Studio 1.1, the more hidden part of London down an alleyway. The surroundings to the location were lovely to look at, driving through you look at both central busy London, to the alleys full of graffiti and expressive artwork.

The exhibition itself was in a small gallery, although small the work spoke for itself. I liked how understated and urban the Gallery was, it showed a good contrast between the works shown. All of the artists work questioned the self portrait in one way or another, it showed varied ways of how one theme could be shown within work.


One of my favorite piece of work within the show has to be the ‘Nigel Doll’ in the garden. This piece shown in the photos uploaded above shows a Large doll laying down in a small garden. Small miniature pieces of furniture placed in were a good touch to the piece. Next to the piece on the wall was a quote; 

 I pitch my tent at the end of the garden.

Boys come to visit me, and I pretend to be nervous when they touch me.

When mum asks me what we are doing I tell her we are swapping stickers.

Now the boys all bring stickers and i fill every album

This quote is really interesting and really gets the viewer thinking. Its not trying to tell the viewer anything other then someones story, someones raw emotions, I think it fits in well with the theme of ‘Narcissus’.

The other piece i particularly liked in the exhibition is the Bride and Groom Nigel dolls. Its almost saying to the viewer ‘there’s nothing better then marrying yourself’ This sculpture was very humorous as well as being a symbol to the viewer of maybe loving yourself. The details in the sculptures were amazing!

Overall I believe the Private view was worth travelling up to London for! (although i did get lost a few times!) and the pieces of work shown were all amazing and related with the theme of ‘Narcissus’ really well.


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