After my interim Crit for my final Major Project the other day I got given a list of ideas and roots to go by for my research. The idea of how my doodles look like petals of a flower hints upon the idea of de-flowering and sexual links within my work. I’m using lines and curves that give the impression of a leaf or a plant. This made me think about how flowers and nature in itself can be seen as being sexual or give off a similar impression.

The Hydnora africana is an plant native to southern Africa that is parasitic on the roots of members of the Euphorbiaceae family. The plant grows underground, except for a fleshy flower that emerges above ground and emits an odor of feces to attract its natural pollinators, dung beetles, and carrion beetles. The flowers act as traps for a brief period retaining the beetles that enter, then releasing them when the flower is fully opened.The plant body is completely leafless, void of chlorophyll and is brown-grey. As it ages, the plant turns dark grey to black. A network of thick rhizophores or subterranean stems and roots traverse the soil around the host plant.The Plants only become visible when the flowers protrude through the soil after good rains have fallen. Under favourable conditions it takes at least one year for a bud to develop into a mature flower.

hydnora africana erotic  

Fully grown, ripe fruits of Hydnora africana may measure up to 80 mm across and contain up to 20 000 seeds per fruit. The brown pinhead-sized seeds are embedded in an edible gelatinous pulp with a slightly sweet and starchy taste. These fruits are favoured by mammals such as porcupines, moles, baboons, jackal and also birds.

The Plant itself is of a fleshy color, has the look of the female genitals and the shape. The texture looks as though it would be soft with ridges of hardness further inside. The flower is just one example of how flowers can be looked upon as sexual objects, not only the look of them but how they behave and flower. This plant particular lures the bugs in, almost like a female would lure a male ironically!

penis cactus

penis cactus

The Penis Plant, also known as the Penis Cactus, is a monstrose form of Echinopsis lageniformis (The Trichocereus bridgesii mostruosa inermis). The German name for this cultivar, Frauenglück, is more euphemistic than its English equivalent; it translates as “Women’s joy“. Contrary to the typical columnar habit of the species, this cultivar displays short stem sections that branch avidly, forming a low spiny bush. The upper part of each stem segment is smooth and spineless. The lower part is spiny and shows a tendency to form ribs. The plant is of light green color.

When it comes to this cactus in-particular its not only the shape and look that refers to a sexual nature its also the name, translated from German to English as ‘Women’s Joy’  The colour itself isn’t of a fleshy colour, with it being green its a very natural colour. However the shape and lines within the cacti references a penis in many ways.

pitcher plant - nature condom

pitcher plant

Above are images of The Pitcher-plant, which is a carnivorous plant, a meat eater. Carnivorous plants usually live in nitrogen poor soils. They have ‘learned’ to augment the inadequate nitrogen available in the soil by capturing and consuming insects.The inside of the tubular shaped leaf is lined with downward pointing hairs. These hairs block an insect from climbing up the tube and escaping. The fluid in the bottom of the tube contains digestive juices that will consume the insect prey.

The plant has the resemblance of a condom, and has in fact been nicknamed as ‘mother natures condom’. Its colours are luring to insects being bright and beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing to view, deadly to insects though.

Source; – http://www.erotic-nature.com/tag/plants/ 


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