I recently visited London and saw the exhibition ‘Tomorrow’ created by duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The exhibition was something completely different to any other Installation I’ve seen. Not only did they use their own materials for the transformation of five rooms in the V&A, But also those of the Museum. The rooms had all been transformed to an apartment building of an Architect.

dezeen_Elmgreen-Dragset-at-the-VA_sq1 elmgreen-dragset-tomorrow-VA-designboom-08


Above showing a couple of images from the exhibition. It was an interacting installation which allowed you too look into the life of this fictional character and judge him how you pleased. With a Butler & Maid in acting roles to keep the idea of it being alive. You were not only allowed to do things like sit on the bed and chairs but also raid through his architectural drawings and mail in his office/study area. Old newspapers laying around and bed made gave the impression of the fictional character having just woken up and the shower being on, him being in there of course!

I personally felt like I was violating the characters privacy by being in the room and felt uncomfortable going through all the belongings on show. Whereas other viewers sat down and played on his piano! I believe it created an atmosphere of having to be silent as you walked through, almost like sneakily being there but that’s just my personal opinion. Its very well ¬†structured and thought through, the use of many sourced materials makes it seem more realistic to the public.


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