Looking back onto the idea of artists and how they sexually exploit women in todays photography I came across another artist in which uses women and photographs them into being nothing but basically ‘sex on a plate’.

Adam king is your normal photographer building up a portfolio of work in many subjects, although its only his work on the site ‘Model Mayhem’ that caught my eye. His images are all of skinny, busty blondes or brunette’s with the littlest amount of clothes on show, showing off their best assists in which mother nature gave them. Whilst writing my essay i looked into many similar artists like Terry Richardson for example and again they all seem to have this obsession with making models look like nothing but a subject there to be photographed.

CamiaNewcoverMM_zps603634cc HeidiFahrenbach5_zps86a76d95 JadeCoverMM_zps842edd3a

I find it quiet amusing yet interesting how many of the scenes in which the models are photographed depict of them standing next too or near something mechanical or industrial, either that or a really bland background in which they stand out majority of the time. Placing the model next to something like this suggests that they are the lesser sex, that they look good next to something which is made for the opposite sex. Industrial/Mechanical = male in a sense. These women in these photographs are being objectified, being looked down upon by males and being looked at as an object of desire, nothing more. However they’re also in my opinion self objectifying themselves by putting themselves out there in such a manor in which they get looked upon like that, its like societies norm in the 21st century for a woman to be looked upon like that, so why not live up to the expectations is what they must be thinking. The women themselves are beautiful and aesthically pleasing for viewers to look at however are depicted as being objectified just like the woman in the pornography magazines in which I’m appropriating my final major project out of are.



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