The Amorphophallus plant also known as the ‘Penis Plant’. Its called this because the shape of the prominent spadix/piece of plant that emerges from the middle. The oldest record of the plant was in 1692 when published and founded was two species of the plants. There is now may species of the plant in existence.

Titan-arum1web amorphophalluspl_450x450


Once the spathe opens, pollination must happen the same day. In many species, the inflorescence emits a scent of decaying flesh in order to attract insects, though a number of species give off a pleasant odor. Through a number of ingenious insect traps, pollinating insects are kept inside the spathe to deposit pollen on the female flowers, which stay receptive for only one day, while the male flowers are still closed. These open the next day, but by then the female flowers are no longer receptive and so self-pollination is avoided. The male flowers shower the trapped insects with pollen. Once the insects escape, they can then pollinate another flower. Amorphophallus species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) species including Palpifer sexnotatus and Palpifer sordida.


Although a beautiful flower in colour and stem, the prominent middle is what makes the flower have its sexual reference to male genitalia. It’s whilst doing this research into the erotisicm of flowers I have realised how nature can be looked upon like pornography, the flower isn’t particularly pretty because of its sexual content just like pornography isn’t beautiful because of its sexual content either.


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