Many claim that the images which Georgia O’Keeffe created when painting flowers, was work which was highly sexual, and many went as far as to say it was an erotic art form; this is somewhat the case. She was not afraid to experiment with the patterns, sizes, design, and the intricacy to detail, which often took on the resemblance of the female form in many of her works. She took the discretion to make small parts large and vice-versa, she changed the color balances, and created disharmony, which would force those who looked at these pieces of art, to see the images as something else. In her work, she also stretched the visual edges, to design features which had metaphysical implications in many of her pieces. Symbolism was something that she did not shy away from, and this showed in much of the work she did of this nature, and with many of the designs which she included flowers and landscape features. Dying at the age of 98 after sadly losing her sight and being unable to paint, O’Keeffe has since been recognised as the Mother of American modernism.

Being a feminist and an open lesbian O’keeffe’s work highly stood out to me as inspiration for my final major project. Being feminist her work purposely had a woman and a woman’s body primarily in mind whilst being painted. Her paintings although all very aesthetically pleasing all depict woman’s genitalia or vulvas. The shaping of the paintings all showing parts of a woman or referencing a part of a womans body. Her work to me seems very anti-hetrosexual and is purely based around women, not once did she paint anything that referenced to the male genitalia or body form.

o_keeffe_musicpinkandblueno.2_600gray-line-with-black-blue-and-yellow gok.jpg?w=600&h=366O'Keeffe_Georgia_Ram's_Head

Above are just a few images of her work that stand out to me. i love the colours she uses within them, all very womanly based colours, the pinks/purples. She was clearly not afraid to experiment with the patterns, sizes, design, and the intricacy to detail, even if it meant the viewer simply seeing it in the form of female genitalia.

Her work particularly interests me, the fact that her work is purely to do with women, whereas my final major project is using anti feminist material (being hetrosexual pornography). This gives me the idea of recreating her work out of my appropriated material, and colliding feminism with the idea of anti feminist hetrosexual exploitation. To do this however i will look further into the idea of feminism, what it represents and how Georgia’s work shows feminism.


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