William Morris in an artist that created tapestries surrounding the idea of nature and florals. Referencing to nature and sex, the flowers are not only seen as aesthetically pleasing and beautiful but can be seen in a sexual manner, the artist himself being a womaniser I believe this shows through in his work, showing sexual mannerisms.



These two prints stood out to me the most whilst researching into William Morris’s practice and work. The blue floral image on the left being one single flower, slowly opening opening up reminded me of a women, very gentle and elegant in the way its shown. The lining and the detail remind me of the doodles in which I draw. fine small lines and bold blocks of colour. I like the simplicity of the colours used, two main colours not detracting away from the main flower feature. The second image is of an open flower, almost looking like the ‘spreading of wings’ the colour of the flower being of a peachy/skin tone sort of represents a person, almost a woman. These images have a sexual aura to them in a way i believe, however are still aesthetically beautiful simply because they’re floral.


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