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This is one of the samples that Iv’e created, this one unlike the previous ones I focused more on colour and not so much on detail. Although I like this one, it reminds me of a mosaic. The inkling of what material is actually used isn’t there, There is not enough information to question what its made of. The pattern and the shapes I’m really happy with. It looks like the painting. In the crit that I had recently this sample was discussed. The points that came up were ; – Its too plain/needs more detail for example a nipple here, a tooth there/smidge of hair perhaps.             Like the original samples in which I created, with loads of detail.


This is a little sample I created. This one is very simular to the originals in which I created. Using the flower shapes again as an inkling if you’d like to suggest the material. This sample however has detail, is made out of various colours and then has the evidence within the lines and dots as to what material its made up of. Now all I need to do is combine this sort of pattern with one of the Georgia paintings and see how successful it will be.


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