Mosaic is an art in which images are created using small pieces of glass/stone or other materials. Its a collage/decorative art or interior decoration. Most mosaics are made up of a small/flat material or glass of various colours, also known as Tesserae. But floor mosaics can be made up of small rounded stones, being named Pebble mosaics. Mosaics have been around since the roman & Greek times and over centuries have changed in not only material but in the way they’re made.

I chose to look into mosaics because of my previous sample I created. It reminded me of a mosaic, all the tightly nit colours and shapes all blended together. Although it isn’t a root in which right now I believe I’m going to take my final project in, I did like the idea of my final pieces looking slightly mosaic.

images paper-and-jewels-mosaic-final

These images are just a couple that stood out to me whilst researching mosaic. The first one made in the original way of the floor mosaic, using stone made out of various colours. Tightly packed into one big pattern. The second one is more bright and eye catching, not so neutral colours, its made out of paper and beads, its nice to see the detail within the colours, the pattern includes swirls and curls like my doodles do. I like the pattern in the second one a lot more, the first one is a bit busy bee to look at, second one is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye in my opinion.




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