I think the first piece in this series was made in 2009. It all started after watching a documentary called Zeitgeist which I heard Ken Wilber discussing. It was the first time I had seen anything like this and it had a huge impact on me. I’m not sure if everything in the documentary was true but exposing some of the darker forces in human nature made me think in a different way. I wanted to explore a subject that we do not talk about very often and visually turn it into something positive. I looked around my kitchen in Canada and saw my overflowing recycling bin which made me think of two things: how much waste a household produces and the growth of our population which is producing this waste. At the time there seemed to be more conversation around consumption and resources than waste and destruction. I took the card packaging from my recycling bin and cut them into petal shapes to create a larger image representing a thousand petal lotus. I meditate every day which keeps me grounded and focused. The lotus is related to the chakra system which is the spinning colours of light in different positions of the human spine, which I explored in my meditation. I’m taking everyday waste and turning it into something that to me represents the connection between the physical world and the infinite.

Sourced online – http://www.robiwalters.com/Robiwalters/Collage.html


72” x 48” / Card, Glue & Ply Wood

Like a Rolling Stone

48” x 48” / Card, Glue & Ply Wood

As shown above an below Robi Walters work varies in size and colour, however is extremely aesthetically beautiful to look at. The work is an amazing mural of colours. Made out of all recycled material means its all appropriated. What drew me to look into Robi Walters work was the fact that its all made out of petal shapes, which is what I have included in my samples to date. I like the way in which he has created the whole image out of them though, unlike mine. Even though all the same shape the pieces create varied shapes and swirls which fascinates me, must of taken months to make such extravagant pieces! Layered on top of each other the petals create a 3d effect to them which I particularly like.

Makes me wonder if I could create a sample out of just petals perhaps, the material being of deflowering/intercourse/ hardcore being made out of a shape that refers to a beautiful plant? Could be interesting to make. I shall create one and see what it turns out like…



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