Clarke Sorensen is an artist based in San Francisco. His work is inspired by nature and natures call. The sculptor and craftsman has attracted much international attention as one of the world’s most creative manufactures of luxury urinals shaped like flowers and plants.A graduate of the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture, Sorensen, 54, had spent years in costume design, illustration and computer animation.

Pink & Green Orchid Urinal $8900

Sego Lily Urinal $5900

Creative space: Sorensen makes his fancy pissoirs in his basement studio in San Francisco's Mission District

Morning Glory Urinal $5900

Above are just a few out of many pieces created by Clark. I think these sculptures are amazing. He’s taking something boring, plain & aesthetically unpleasing to look at, and is turning it into an artwork of its own. Something that it beautiful to look at. A public bathroom isn’t the most pretty of places so a splash of colour makes it almost bearable I guess ha! I really think the colours in these sculptures are beautiful and the paintwork detail is amazing. 


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