So my final piece is called ‘Blue Flower’ – Ironic as blue has different meanings rather then just being a colour – ie. Blue Movie – Blue Joke – “Its a bit blue”  Calling a movie a ‘Blue Movie’ refers to it being pornographic. A blue film is normally a pornographic movie, there are many different theories about why they are called “Blue” films, but no one is really certain about why they are called blue. One theory is that the term came to be in use from the fact that in the 1980’s, pornographic content in video cassettes was sealed using a blue tape. Another theory suggests that it started with the blue bars across the faces of the actors or actresses to obscure their identities. 
And since striptease acts might have used blue spotlights, this might also have been the origin of the blue in blue film. Yet another theory attributes it to the bluish color tint evident in the earliest pornographic films. Those films were in black and white, and the bluish tint appears when quick and cheap ways were used to develop the film.

blue filmblue picture, or bp is a euphemistic term used in IndiaSri Lanka, and Nepal for an adult film, generally made by amateurs or shot in a style recalling amateur pornography. The term blue picture comes from Great Britain, where blue is euphemistically used to refer to works targeting the prurient interest or those that are considered offensive, obscene, or in bad taste (blue lawsblue humour, and a comedian’s blue book are in this same tradition). –

Blue Movie (1969), a.k.a. Fuck, is a film by Andy Warhol starring Viva and Louis Waldon.

Warhol describes the film: “In October ’68 I shot a movie of Viva having sex with Louis Waldon. I called it just Fuck.”[citation needed] While it is true that the movie does involve sexual intercourse, this is framed by dialog about the Vietnam War and various mundane tasks.[citation needed]

While initially shown at The Factory, it was not shown to a wider audience at the Warhol Garrick Theatre until 1969.[citation needed] On July 31, the staff of the theater was arrested, and the film was confiscated.




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