This is just a few points as too what my final piece is going to include –

Name – ‘Blue Flower’ 2014 

– Different colours and textures for the demarcating areas

– Details to hint pornography within the piece, areas that show certain details

– Fleshy colours – interracial colours to differentiate different tonal areas (Hair for darker tones – darker skin tones)

– Each piece to be tiny collated collage – Using a Scapol and Hole Punch to make each single piece.

– Keep the dots/lines and smaller petals within the collage – larger petals for the outlines.

–  Large scale piece – Hung at eye level / Recess white frame – made to fit / Non reflective glass.

– Not to include any blue tones within the painting – Don’t want this to be an indication to them thinking its the reason its called ‘Blue Flower’



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