I want my representation of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work to have the ‘Wow’ factor her work did. Her paintings are all of a very large scale. I want my final work to be of large scale as well however in a recess type frame. Georgia’s work is nearly always framed in a clear white frame. I believe it being white doesn’t take anything away from the painting and focuses all attention on the work. (Shown below) – an example of a recess frame.

My final piece is going to be made up of so many pieces and be so busy looking and detailed that a white frame is going to be the best option. A colored frame will distract the viewer whereas a white frame will compliment all the fleshy tones within the piece, and is simple. A recess frame like above will give my piece more depth. Also as the piece will be so fragile I think it will be at its best behind glass.

I love the piece above. Simple framing, hung at eye level height so the viewer can interact with the painting easily. I like the size of the painting,  this is an example of the sort of size I want my final piece to be, as a recreation of a piece of Georgia’s work I believe it should be presented at the same size. Again the white frame is a good touch!


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