After my last critique I decided to create a sample out of petals, ironically using the ‘Deflowering’ idea, and inspired by Robi Walters.


I used colours and details withing this piece rather then just select colours. I think this sample/mock up works really well. I love how bits of bright colour (from lingerie and stockings) attract your attention and take away from the idea of it all being fleshy colours. I think the colour is needed for that extra bit of ‘pop’. You can see details such as hair/nipples and a slight tooth or finger if you look really closely, but again I think my final piece needs this. I love the idea of having a line to outline each par, I also love the petals idea, so I am definitely going to incorporate these into the final piece I make. I think they work better then the lines in the original samples. For the final piece I still want to incorporate dots and larger petals as well. From doing this sample I have decided I want one of her more ‘suggestive’ pictures as my final piece.

One similar to this one which is called – ‘Blue Flower’


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