Recently we went on a London Trip as the Degree Show is dawning. The exhibitions showed me various ways in which work can be displayed and exhibited, from being on shelves to being hung from the ceiling. Although I’m only hanging my final piece in a frame I Found some of these pieces extremely interesting.

Install shot of Man, Machine and Motion, Richard Hamilton at the ICA, 12 Feb 2014 – 6 Apr 2014. Photo: Mark Blower

Richard Hamilton at the ICA

12 Feb 2014 – 6 Apr 2014

In the Lower Gallery, Man, Machine and Motion (1955) comprises thirty modular, open steel frames in which photographic images are clipped in four themes: ‘Aquatic, Terrestrial, Aerial and Interplanetary’. Displayed in the Upper Gallery, an Exhibit (1957) was conceived in close collaboration with writer-critic Lawrence Alloway and artist Victor Pasmore. Organised around a modular hanging system, the intention was to give visitors an opportunity ‘to generate their own compositions’.


I found this part of the exhibition really interesting, I loved the choice of steel framing being hung from the ceiling, it allows the viewer to see the image from many angles and move around the image.

Hito Steyerl

5 Mar 2014 – 27 Apr 2014 

There were various videos from this artist at the show. Each video had a separate screening room in which you could sit and interact with the video. Her work contains both found and new video footage which explores boundaries of fact and fiction. The longest video work had a seating area whereas the others had limited seating, I feel like the seats encouraged the viewers to stay and watch the whole of each video. I didn’t particularly understand her work, I found it extremely confusing and overwhelming almost, so much going on in one video.

Martino Gamper

‘Design Is A State Of Mind’

This exhibition contained various wooden cabinets in which objects were placed upon. Each cabinet had been categorized into order. I liked how big the exhibition was, and how you could go right up to each shelf and browse the objects. Each shelf had different objects on it to represent how many things people collect in a lifetime and to show that the shelves have various new functions and can be designed to do so. My favourite shelf had to be the colourful arch self, shown as you first walk in the exhibition and as you exit, leaving a lasting impression on you with its bright colours.

During this trip to London I saw various styles to exhibit work in a professional way. My final piece in the Degree show will be hung in a frame, I would hang it so the viewer can walk around like in the first exhibition we saw, however it isn’t a double sided piece of work so this wouldn’t work. The Richard Hamilton was by far my favorite part of any of the exhibitions however because of the modern and spacious feel as you interact with the work.


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