Above is a small mock up of what my final piece is going to include. I printed off a small version of the image I know I am going to use and just added notes as to what is going to go where. Now because my final piece is so large I have to think scale, so I’m not going to make a huge mock up as the sizes are going to be different. Where the dark areas are originally in the image, I am going to recreate these using darker tones of hair and clothing (stockings/suspenders) from the magazines, using both hair and clothing gives the darker tones just that little bit of texture. Above you can see I have roughly shown this on the right hand side, incorporating petal shapes from my original samples. Where the yellow parts of the original piece is I am going to recreate using blonde hair pieces, made up of dots. After all the original samples and experimentation I know I need to use Various tones to make the final piece successful, each section needs to have small details, not just be plain colours, so using hair and parts of the clothing will help add some texture and pattern into the piece.

image (2)

This is just a rough photo of how large my final piece is going to be. I decided after looking at various materials that cardboard would be the best option as its light and can be put into a frame easily. MDF etc would be too heavy and harder to be framed. As you can see in the image I have drawn out a rough outline to the image. Now i know that cardboard can sometimes be difficult to work with, it can bend and crease so I have drawn an outline to the piece to cut off and give it a sharp edge when complete.

image (3) image (1)

So far on the final piece I have gathered together enough dark tones and blonde tones to complete two parts as you can see above. Using Spray Mount I carefully place each petal and dot on top of one another. These two parts alone have taken many painstaking hours so far, and although a slow process I know that it will worth it in the end, I have to get this done in the next few weeks though to be able to get it framed in time as it needs a handmade frame.








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