So above is the piece of work with the outline of the Georgia painting drawn on. I chose to use MDF in the end, the original idea was to use the cardboard, however it bent out of place, wasn’t sturdy enough and would warp in the heat. I used different colours to give myself an idea of the different tones to be used in all the areas.


Above you can see the first few days progress, a very time consuming piece with each single part being cut out and individually stuck on. I am using adhesive spray mount to stick each part on as its a lot stronger then normal Pva glue and with it being in the frame I don’t want any parts falling off. Each black part so far is made up out of different shades of brunette hair and darker tones of skin.


Above is a close shot of the material used. As suggested in my critique and decided by my samples the method of using pieces that contain clues to the material Example; a nipple,finger,mouth etc look really effective. I don’t want to give away the whole piece and make it overwhelming, but small clues like this I think work really well.


Above you can see that I use cut up images to create a back layer, so If by chance a small dot or petal does fall off you cant see the underlying MDF. It’s a good idea to have a layer underneath to also help build up the tones in the piece.



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