12th May –

On the 12th of May we had an artist talk which I was able to attend. It was by a young lady called Beth Bramich who had studied Fine Art at Nottingham University. It was more of a talk about her work and how she worked her way up on the ladder to get where she is today, doing both journalism work for art magazines and apprenticeships.

Her BA Hons Degree piece was called ‘A place for reading and talking about Art’ – this included a shelf and some books along with a table, creating a place in which people could get comfy and talk about and read books about art. She created this piece because at this point she didn’t know where she was in her practice, whether she was an artist or someone who just liked to talk about art and learn more about it ; I personally relate to this as right now in my current practice I don’t know where I stand with what I want to do after university, what career path I want to go down into the art world.

She told us about a website called ‘OUTPOST’ in which you can subscribe online and get a membership, this also gets you benefits such as solo shows for any of the members that use the site. I am currently looking into becoming a member…

East-side Projects was talked about a lot, an ambitious Gallery in which she worked for, that give people positions to work for a certain amount of months. Beth also worked in Matt’s Gallery in West End London as a trainee – paid for six months work. From doing all of these she received work experience for journalism and written work for an art magazine ‘This is Tomorrow’ and wrote about a puppet show, along with quiet a few other written pieces, one including a university art magazine.

I found this talk really interesting and related to it really well. To see someone who was just a student as myself who struggled to know what career path she wanted to go down at the time of studying her degree, she put herself in positions where she had to learn to gain confidence, with talking to people face to face and over the phone. I reckon a position like that would do me some good, as i often have a problem approaching people, I would love the opportunity to gain some confidence in approaching people and talking to them about my work and other art work in general. I found it really interesting to see how she got herself on the bottom of the ladder and worked her way up, adding important people to her contact list along the way, contacts in which she has gained work experience from. This talk has definitely made me think about my options as to what I want to do after my degree and what I want to achieve from my art and photography work.


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