Start of May – – –

I’ve been thinking about my framing for a long while, which colour I wanted, what style and what thickness. I couldn’t really decide what type of frame I wanted till I had decided on the size of my final piece.

After looking into Georgia’s work I realized most of her work is made on a larger scales, especially her flower paintings. I want my piece to represent hers in the right way, so i believe It will look better on a larger scale as well. After creating my samples I realized that they were all so small and i felt like something with that much detail should be made larger, also it’s a challenge to myself as I have never made a larger scaled piece.

I looked into a few galleries, but decided choosing a more local one would be easier as I could check up on the progress of the frame and talk to the framer in person making a better decision. I looked into Picture Gallery in Bedford after reading many positive reviews.

The Picture Gallery in Bedford

After looking in the shop as you can see above they have many frame samples on the wall. I spoke to the owner there and she was extremely helpful, I explained to her everything I wanted for my final piece, including colour/wood/recess framing etc.. she looked through the frames with me and i decided on a thin white wooden frame, it looks almost like a box frame very thin and wont cover any of the work. I took all the measurements of my MDF and arranged two weeks ahead giving them enough time to create the frame and for me to finish the piece and then bring it in for them to fit.

At this point everything is on track, I’ve ordered the frame to be fitted for the 27th May and am working on the piece for a few hours everyday to get it done in time for the framer; –




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