This is my final essay feedback and my final thoughts –

I was really happy with my final grade for this essay submission B-. I took a lot of time with this essay and taught myself to reference properly unlike last year. I got told that it was a well considered and executed essay submission and that it contained a well balanced approach to the subject matter. There was many illustrations in my final submission, these were all said to show sophistication in the way they were shown. However I got told that my research could have been bolstered with even greater analysis and that some oppurtunities were missed to develop further. I could have broadened my search within some parts of the essay, but this I already know. Overall I feel happy with what I submitted, If I had the chance to do this essay again I would include more references from more varied sources, however I feel that it was a huge step up from the essay I submitted the previous year in which I received a lower grade of a C. I would also like to include that I really enjoyed writing this essay, I think this is because it was linked to my FMP and the research I was doing for six week project. I felt that all the work linked really well and each bit of information I learnt about could help me with all my work not just my essay, this includes the artists and the books I read, but overall I’m generally really pleased with my grade and feedback for this essay.


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