Ok so over the last three weeks I have been working on my final piece & can gladly say after hours of working and slaving away its finally done! Here is my progress in photo’s on how the last few weeks have helped it to get to where it is now… before being framed –


Ok so when I last showed my piece in the critique this is where I had gotten up too. I was told that the progress was going really well, the material was working well and to carry on with what I was doing. At this point id been working on it roughly for about a week, this is where I realized how many hours it was going to take to complete the piece in time for the 27th ready for the framers so from then on I was working on it every second I could day or night!

IMG-20140526-WA0073 IMG-20140526-WA0074

I carried on working on it all that week and was really pleased with the results, it was coming along really nicely. For the darker tones as discussed I was using both darker skin tones and different hair colours to add both colour and texture to the pieces so they don’t look too plain. Also making sure that each part had backing behind it so you cant see the MDF if a piece was too fall off from being knocked etc…

DSC_0004 IMG-20140526-WA0068

At this point above I had started to add the lines onto the final image, whilst in my Crit it had been decided that both lines and dots looked good in the samples, I believe the lines let the viewer see behind them and see little inklings into what the piece is made up off. Not only that but it gives the idea of crossing something out, censoring it out so the viewer cant see the ‘rude’ bits, as they would in magazines when a certain part was censored. At this point I am liking how effective the petals are looking, overlapping them creates a more layered effect to the image, also breaks up all the flesh tones so it doesn’t look to overpowering.


At this point in my work I had been working on the piece for over two weeks in total, It’s almost completed and the only parts to do are the bottom areas and the middle bit. I am really pleased as to the outcome so far, and it was just to decide whether or not the middle bit was to be lines/petals/or dots as I wanted an even amount of everything to make sure the piece looked aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. I decided on smaller lines as there is already many a dots on the piece and I feel it would look more effective.



(Not the best image) Note; I will upload a better quality one… But this is my completed piece for my degree show. Looking at it now I feel that all the hours of work put into it was most definitely worth it. The idea of this piece was to recreate the Georgia O’Keeffe painting ‘Blue Flower’ however to make the piece out of hetrosexual pornography as the artist’s work is based around just the female genitalia. The work being made out of pornography is a subject matter that many would find disturbing to look at, however in this case I have made it so the viewer looks at the piece as aesthetically pleasing before realizing what the subject matter is, making them question whether porn really can be beautiful or not?

I believe I have achieved all of what I wanted from above, The piece says exactly what I wanted it too and looks better then the original samples as its more then quadrupled in size. I feel like this piece needed to be a larger scale piece because of the content involved.

All there is too do now is to see it framed and completed &&  to hang it up in the show… Very exciting!


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