The last time I handed my physical portfolio In I got some good feedback and some things that needed changing. I got told that it was neat and professional, I purchased a Silver-print slipcase portfolio. I originally had some grammar errors and the use of words such as ‘Projects’ so I went through all of these and reworded them so they sound more professional. All of my images are now one way and all text is justified so it looks the same throughout the portfolio.

The only thing I didn’t get a chance to do unfortunately this time was to get the disc cover done professionally, I left it too late to get it done, I was so busy with my fmp i totally forgot about it so if anything is to let me down with portfolio it would be that. Everything however has been updated and burnt onto the disc including my business card designs.

Overall I’m happy with the portfolio that I am going to hand in tomorrow and feel that it includes my best work from the second and third year of my studies. I have to have documentation of my final piece for degree show in there so I have taken a close up image and a full image of it framed and placed that in there, it isn’t of the best quality because I wont be able to take a decent picture until it is exhibited (don’t want to move it around as its very fragile) however the proof its finished, framed and ready is in the portfolio ready to hand in. I have also changed all the font to a size 12 and a simple/sophisticated looking Arial font. I was aiming to have a clean/smart and professional looking portfolio and I think I have successfully achieved this.


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