I was recommended the film ‘Talk to her’ (2002) to watch as I haven’t watched any movies really this year after missing film club due to work. Personally I feel like the piece related to my work, the parts where it comments on the female body and when in a moment which is alternately funny and completely metaphoric (and therefore engaging somehow, beyond its humor), the fully grown woman sleeps in the nude. The doctor allows his partner/lover the experience of himself, he then climbs inside her vagina and dissapears. This is how i feel it relates to my work, the fact it picks up on women’s genitalia. Assumed that once he goes into her vagina he then disappears forever, picking up on the fact that in order for consummation there must be complete consumption and one must then lose ones self to the other, completely. The films motive could be seen as something along the lines of ‘men and how they relate to women’ or ‘men and showing feelings and dealing with drama’ however I see the piece as looking at how somehow we all implicate each others lives one way or another and are all entwined whether we know it or not yet. I really enjoyed the film, I thought it was intriguing. I found all the characters interesting in their own way, the way it has been shown through flashbacks and then they all entwine made it alot more interesting to watch rather then if it was based all in one time. Below are the outlines to the characters if you haven’t seen the film this pretty much sums it up partially;

To first very loosely lay out the characters:

 1) Benigno is the effeminate hospital nurse / caretaker who has fallen deeply in love with the comatose patient in his care, who is

  2) Alicia, a very young, very beautiful, former ballerina whose hospital room is very near the bed of

 3) Lydia, a gored and trampled comatose female bullfighter, who is simultaneously the subject of two lovers’ attention, though principally

 4) Marco, a passionate writer and producer of newspaper stories and traveler’s guides to various countries of the world.

 Source – http://www.mattybyloos.com/news/movies/review-talk-to-her-almodovar/


Hable con ella (Talk to Her), 2002.  Dir.  Pedro  Almodóvar

And Alfredo stays inside her forever.



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