Natasha Walters – Living Dolls, The Return Of Sexism (2010)

Dave Beech – Beauty – Documents Of Contemporary Art, Whitechapel Gallery (2009)

Kelly Dennis – Art/Porn, A History Of Seeing And Touching (2009)

Edmund Burke – A Philosophical Enquiry Into The Sublime & Beautiful

Naomi Wolf – The Beauty Myth (1991)


Snigda S (2011) Impact of Female Sexual Objectification in Advertising on Women [online] 

Harper B & Tiggemann M (2007) The Effect of Thin Ideal Media Images on Women’s Self-Objectification, Mood, and Body Image [online]

Senyasamore C (no date) Charles Senyasamore: Objectification of the female form. [online]


Talk to Her (2002) – Almodovar


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