I’ve learnt a lot in my final year at university, the main thing however I’ve learnt though is to be a photographer doesn’t necessarily mean your work has to be purely photographic prints. Being a photographer is being an artist, throughout the last two years and this final year in particular I have learnt to incorporate my fine art background into my professional work which I feel has made me enjoy my last year a lot more.

During my second year of my studies I felt lost in what road I wanted my work to go down, I felt restricted in what I produced and didn’t realise until I started doing research into genders, personal appearance and the body in which one of my series focused on, the sort of subject that I wanted my work to evolve around.

Over the summer I created my series around the objects of ‘Windows and Doors’ incorporating my skills of painting and drawing by physically manipulating the prints. Having my paints and craft equipment out I felt content with my work and happy with the results, it was then I realised I had to use my fine art skills for my Final Major Project in my last year. I’m passionate about my drawing and don’t know why I didn’t incorporate it into my work as much before.

From my previous research I enjoyed looking into the idea of objectification and the female body so when my work started to go down that route I was confident in how it would turn out. I purchased new reading materials and used online resources in which I previously hadn’t used to construct a structure in which would be the base for my essay and final major project. Researching a subject that you have an real interest in makes work so much more enjoyable and I’ve learnt that in the last year. It was from this point onwards I knew my work in my last year would all loosely link around the idea of the body/how it’s viewed in the public eye & objectification.

Coming from a Fine Art course aesthetics have always been a big part of my work. I have always created work in which the public will find appealing to look at so I wanted no different for my FMP. However I feel as though this has made me play it safe with a lot of my work in the past. That’s why I’m so pleased with the riskiness of my material used for my FMP. I started out with a few drawings and have ended up with a large framed collage made up of minuscule pieces recreating a famous feminist painting.

I feel as though I’ve gained so much more knowledge about different art movements and by reading more books this year achieved an improved grade for my final dissertation, it just shows that hard work and research pays off! This year has given me a whole new road of research to look into and I have absolutely loved doing it all.

My professional practice has improved so much over the last 3 years and I feel as though when I’m ready to get myself on the ladder and give myself the push into the creative art world I feel a lot more confident in my work and the quality of it.

I’m not 100 percent sure as too what my next step in my career is yet. I want to continue to visit exhibitions and galleries and get myself on the creative ladder eventually. Creating a website and getting my work online with a domain of my own is the first step into doing this. I’m going to keep working on my website and improving on my portfolio over the next year and see where life takes me. I feel as though this exhibition is going to be a show of my best work to date and although I wont be handing out business cards to get my name out there just yet I feel as though it’s a personal achievement to be exhibiting what I am in the Degree Show. I am extremely proud of my results that I have achieved and how far both myself and my work have evolved over the last three years and I cant wait to see what happens in the future.


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